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The Flying Man Reviews

“Compelling. Brittle, flawed and damaged as they are, Farooki’s characters always seem real. Told in prose that is both
commanding and fluid, this is a potent, seriously impressive novel.”
Daily Mail (Link)

“Roopa Farooki’s intricate tale is a memorable read. Five Stars.”
Star Magazine

‘This is an original, fresh book, beautifully written, perceptive
and often funny. Farooki writes with a flowing, light touch
which makes it an easy read but which doesn't disguise the intelligence that drives it.’
Red Magazine Online (Link)

“3 Reasons to Read The Flying Man: 1, For a lesson in reinvention,
2, For an unconventional love story, 3, To enjoy a glittering
world tour. Farooki has a knack for vividly recreating the atmosphere of different cities and social worlds in just a few lines, leaving
you with the illusion that you’ve actually been there yourself.”
Psychologies Magazine

“Farooki has excelled in writing stories that span continents and mix cultures. (Maqil’s) mentality captures that of the consummate immigrant outsider, except that his is a Sisyphean struggle. He is forever doomed to adapt, chameleon-like, ... unable to give himself a fixed identity or, ultimately, to call a place his home.”
The Independent (Link)

“A compulsively readable novel of love and duplicity.”
We Love This Book
(Waterstones Magazine)

“Engaging and descriptive...filled with humour and colour...a really brilliant read.”
Essentials Magazine

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