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The Flying Man Reviews

"(An) engrossing tale... Farooki takes us on a journey from birth
to death, showing us the love, pain, selfishness and weakness
of the human soul...Farooki has used the world as her canvas
and painted an attractive fable that exudes glamour and mystery. Absorbing, funny and ultimately sad,
The Flying Man is a cracking read.”

“The eagerly-awaited fifth novel from Orange prize long-listed
author fully demonstrates her ability to conjure up memorable, affecting characters. The compelling story is one that makes
a lasting impression as Farooki excels in her depiction
of tensely fraught relationships. “
The Irish Examiner

“A seductive adventure of a man who refuses to be tied down.
Farooki probes carefully and with empathy the thinning line between freedom and loneliness, how "anywhere" can eventually turn into just nowhere. The Flying Man triumphs in the touching symbol
it suggests for all our journeys.”
The Guardian

"Some of the author’s previous books have been long-listed for
literary prizes; this beautifully crafted novel could be the one
that makes her a winner."
Choice Magazine

“The story of a rogue and a charlatan, and a disreputable and entertaining life. But the character is also thoroughly engaging,
and written with a lot of compassion.
He is both tricky and likeable. A charming, maddening figure,
with shades of Peter Carey’s Illywhacker.”
Kate Evans, ABC Radio (Australia)

“A beautifully crafted tale about a clever but criminally minded man who chances and gambles his way around the globe.”
Oxford Today

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